Desktop Agent 3.0.1 - Apr  15, 2022

- New public key wizard for automatic configuration of your keys when adding/editing a connection.
- Added a number of new themes for the built-in terminal
- Upgraded to Maverick Synergy 3.0.7
- Upgraded two-slices notification API
- Fixed issue in built-in terminal where selecting a theme does not apply fully until you clear the screen
- Ensure private keys are loaded from key server immediately after preferences change
- Updated Jackson API to fix security vulnerabilities


Desktop Agent 3.0 - Mar  9, 2022

- New "Secret Agent" icon for system tray.
- Upgrade SWT to resolve some user interface problems.
- Built-in terminal fixes.
- Integration with the LogonBox Authenticator app.
- Updated to latest version of Maverick Synergy API.


Desktop Agent 2.0 - Jun  9, 2020

- Major re-write for improved stability.
- Removed requirement to have a cloud account.
- Optional integration with the new Universal Authenticator app.
- Now built with Maverick Synergy SSH API.


Desktop Agent 1.0.0 - Jun  29, 2018

- System tray icon with quit option.
- Replace ssh-agent to authenticate with keys on Mobile SSH Agent app.
- authorize, deauthorize commands for establishing trust with Gateway Service.
- authorizedKeys command to output list of users public keys