Virtual SFTP - 0.1.1
26th July 2021

- After the initial setup of SFTP server the SFTP server is inaccessible until the server has been restarted.
- Software/version/comments of SSH identifier changed to VirtualSFTP.
- The HTTPS port can now be configured during the installer (GUI only).


Virtual SFTP - 0.1.0
24th July 2021

- Fully functional SFTP server based on Maverick Synergy.
- Build a unified view of all your digital assets and present them through a virtual file system.
- Initial support for mounting Google Compute Storage, S3, Windows, Local, SFTP virtual folders.
- Create users and assign virtual folder access via Role-based access controls.
- Create public folders for sharing with external partners allowing anyone with the URL to upload files to you.
- Web-based administrative interface.
- Users can browse and perform basic file access through the web interface i.e. upload, download, rename, delete.