What's the difference between Maverick Synergy and Maverick Legacy?

Lee Painter

Maverick Synergy is the Next Generation SSH API from JADAPTIVE Limited supporting both client and server API in a unified framework.

The Maverick Legacy APIs whilst sharing some common code did not implement SSH within the same framework. The latter of those to be developed, the Maverick Legacy Server was based on high-performance Java NIO, whilst the earlier Maverick Legacy Client was based on standard java.net sockets.

The new Java SSH API builds upon the work we have been doing in Maverick Legacy Server by extending its core NIO framework to support client connections, and refactoring the SSH implementation to support both the client and server responsibilities of the protocol.

For those of you familiar with the Maverick Legacy Server API we have moved from a static SshContext to a context-per-connection model introducing the ProtocolContextFactory that sets up the SshServerContext or SshClientContext when a new connection has been made.