Uninstalling the Desktop Agent

Lee Painter


The GUI installers will create a link to the Uninstaller in the installation folder. This will be named Desktop SSH Agent Uninstaller. Double click or execute this to remove the program from your computer.

1. Starting Uninstall

Click next to continue.


2. Stop the Running Process

If you still have the agent running you will be prompted to stop the current process.

Find the Desktop SSH Agent icon in the system tray and click on it to get the menu. Click Quit to stop the process.


3. Removing Files

The uninstaller will then begin to remove files. It may prompt you to access certain subsystems; click OK to allow this.


4. Uninstall Completed

The GUI part of the uninstallation has now been completed.


5. Remove Data

If you are not going to re-install later you should remove the ~/.desktop-ssh-agent folder and its contents to fully clear out all files used by the Desktop Agent.

Your uninstallation is now complete.