Desktop SSH Agent

Desktop SSH Agent

The JADAPTIVE Desktop SSH Agent is a cross-platform solution for managing SSH private keys and for making SSH Public Key authentication more secure and productive.

Desktop SSH Agent

A supercharged replacement for sshagent or Pagent with connection and host key management and the ability to store and use private keys from your mobile phone.

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Built with Maverick Synergy

What is an SSH Agent?

An SSH agent is a program that stores users’ SSH private keys. The program runs continuously in the background and works in conjunction with SSH clients to allow the user to authenticate to remote servers using public-key authentication. Keys are held in memory so that a user does not have to provide their passphrase every time they use the key.

Why the Desktop SSH Agent?

Our Desktop SSH Agent enhances the user experience by providing a terminal independent SSH Connection Manager, Host Key Manager, and the ability to store and use private keys from your mobile phone. It is compatible with the most widely used agents, OpenSSH’s ssh-agent and PuTTY’s Pagent, and is a drop-in replacement for these programs.

Fully Open Source

Desktop SSH Agent is available for free as an open-source, cross-platform solution for Windows, OSX, and Linux under the GPL. Built with Maverick Synergy our open-source Java SSH API, it is compatible with all SSH clients that support the native OpenSSH sshagent or PuTTYs Pagent alternative.

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The ssh-agent is a helper program that simplifies the process of using SSH public key authentication. Usually, when using a private key protected by a passphrase, the user is required to enter their passphrase every time they log in to a server.

Instead of having to type their passphrase for every login, the ssh-agent loads the key into memory and performs the authentication on the user’s behalf when required.

A built-in command-line version of ssh-agent is available for most Linux, OSX, and Windows 10 installations. The Desktop SSH Agent is a direct replacement for these tools. It enhances the user experience by providing a user interface and additional features to make using any SSH client more productive.

Fully supported as a direct replacement for ssh-agent on Windows, Linux and OSX.

Compatible with the popular Windows SSH client PuTTY and a direct replacement for Pagent.

Use as a connection manager to store your connections without being tied to a specific terminal.

Mark connections as favorite and launch them directly from your OS system tray menu using your preferred terminal.

Support for the LogonBox Authenticator app to store your private keys on your mobile phone.

Whether you prefer the OpenSSH command-line, PuTTY or other vendors’ terminal the Desktop Agent will launch your connections on-demand.

When creating a connection you can automatically configure your Public Keys on the remote server with the Public Key Wizard.

Combine with LogonBox Directory to implement a wider Key Management policy to centralize public key configuration.

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