Support Plans

JADAPTIVE offers professional Java SSH support services tailored to the Maverick Synergy Java SSH API. In addition to our comprehensive support, we also maintain a dedicated private branch for the timely release of hotfix updates as needed by our customers. This approach ensures our clients enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted experience, with swift resolutions for any arising issues.

Support Plans

The Maverick Synergy Java SSH support branch ensures our developers can address your concerns in real time, delivering updates within stringent SLA timelines.

The Maverick Synergy Hotfix Subscription is the gold standard for discerning clients who cater to high-demand customers. It offers a top-tier Java SSH API, fully supported to meet evolving customer needs. By investing in a subscription, you secure prompt, direct access to the team behind the creation and active maintenance of the Maverick Synergy Java SSH API whenever you need assistance.

Enjoy the luxury of priority email support from API developers and gain exclusive access to our private hotfix branch. This access enables you to receive updates and bug fixes significantly ahead of their release on the community branch, ensuring you stay one step ahead.

How do you support the APIs?

Our Standard support service is strictly email-based only. This benefits both parties as all information is logged in our ticketing system. More importantly, due to the technical nature of the products, we will often need to trawl through logs, debug and review code, which is simply not compatible with someone waiting on the end of the phone.

Why Do I Need Support?

While we strive to provide the most stable products we can, there are always some reasons why you might need help from our support team.

  • Compatibility with other vendors’ software
  • Queries about product features and implementation
  • Changes in protocol specifications
  • Maximizing the performance of the products
  • The unexpected (think LogJam)
Why Purchase Support for an Open-source Product?

Maintaining updated software aligned with the latest specifications is paramount in security-related products. As time progresses, security products can potentially become susceptible to new exploits. To counteract these threats, stronger or novel cryptographic algorithms are introduced. This evolution, however, leaves older algorithms and your software increasingly vulnerable to attacks.

Our Hotfix licenses place our extensive SSH expertise at your disposal. In the face of changing specifications or newfound vulnerabilities, our team is equipped to guide our clients towards the most effective strategy to mitigate risks. Moreover, we’re committed to providing product updates within hours, where necessary, to maintain your operational security.

What Benefits Does the Investment Yield?

Our Hotfix licenses come standard with 12 months of support and maintenance. This package offers many benefits, including swift bug fixes, access to new features, enhanced cryptography, and unlimited support requests. With an SSH specialist always on standby to respond to your queries, you get the reassurance of expert advice whenever needed.

Security you can trust with over 20 years of experience in developing SSH and SFTP solutions.

Get answers to your SSH support issues quickly and effectively and improve your SLA responses.

Developers build and support our products, ensuring you don’t waste time in first-tier support.

How much does it cost?

Our support plans cost a fraction of a developer’s annual salary, and payments can be spread over 12 months for improved budgeting. Click the button below to visit our store and discover the cost-effectiveness of our plans.

**License grant for versions and source code releases within your subscription term is perpetual and will never expire in production use.