Secure File Exchange Server


Secure File Exchange is a robust file transfer server that simplifies access to on-premise and cloud storage.

SFTP Server

Web-based Management

Access Cloud Storage

Web File Browser

Granular Permissions

On-Premise/NAS Storage

Features & Benefits

Virtual File System

Construct a unified perspective of your corporate file assets by integrating cloud-based and on-premise storage into a single virtual file system. Our platform offers granular permissions, ensuring targeted access control and enhanced data management.

Web File Browser

Experience unparalleled convenience as our web-based client provides full file system access from any browser, enabling seamless navigation and management of your files, regardless of your geographical location.

SFTP Server

Navigate your data effortlessly using our modern, secure SFTP server, a reliable platform designed to unify access to all your storage, ensuring ease of retrieval alongside stringent data protection.

Share Files

Conveniently share files and/or folders with external partners using our reliable system that offers optional password protection and clickwrap terms and conditions for heightened security and transparent collaboration.

Upload Forms

Easily create dedicated upload areas for partners, customers, and employees, allowing them to seamlessly upload files directly into your virtual file system, promoting smooth communication and efficient workflow.


Stay updated with fully configurable email notifications designed to provide complete visibility of shared and incoming files, optimizing your workflow and strengthening accountability in your digital operations.

Accelerated Transfers

Boost your productivity by accelerating secure transfers with our cutting-edge “push” parallelism technology, designed to streamline processes, ensure rapid file transfer, and enhance overall data security.

Learn more at Push SFTP

Encrypt Files

Enhance your data security by utilizing our feature that automatically PGP encrypts every file, safeguarding your sensitive information and providing peace of mind with each transfer.

2FA Protection

Enhance your digital safety by securing access to your data with our 2FA protection. This two-factor authentication system adds a security layer, ensuring your data stays in the right hands.

Did you know that JADAPTIVE supplies the SSH/SFTP engine to many of the popular Managed File Transfer solutions available on the market today?

Secure File Exchange builds upon our experience of building Java SSH and SFTP APIs by bringing you a solution that integrates many facets of Managed File Transfer at a fraction of the cost.

Still on the fence? Our core server is open-source and free to use under the General Public License (GPL), ensuring you a transparent, flexible, and cost-effective solution for your file management needs

Features by Edition

FeatureOpen SourceProfessionalEnterpriseSaaSAWS
Virtual File System
Web-based File Browser
Cloud Connectors
On-Premise Connectors
Local Filesystem Accelerated Transfers (Push)
S3 Accelerated Transfers (Push)
Email Notifications
Multiple Tenancy

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