Virtual SFTP Server

Virtual SFTP Server

Our SFTP server helps you build a virtualized view of your corporate digital assets by combining on-premise and cloud-based storage systems under a single virtual file system with granular access permissions.

Virtual SFTP Server

JADAPTIVE is redefining file transfer solutions for the new hybrid networking era. The recently released Virtual SFTP already provides a robust web-based and SFTP based virtual file system allowing you to access Cloud-based and On-Premise file systems via a single SFTP connection.

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What is the Virtual SFTP Server?

The Virtual SFTP server helps an organization manage its file transfer needs by bringing many disparate file systems into a single easily used view of digital assets. The software can help them automate file transfers between their trading partners and react to incoming or outgoing files with customized workflows and notifications.

Why Virtual SFTP Server?

JADAPTIVE supplies the SSH/SFTP engine to many of the popular Managed File Transfer solutions available on the market today. Virtual SFTP builds upon our experience of building Java SSH and SFTP APIs by bringing you a solution that integrates many facets of Managed File Transfer at a fraction of the cost.

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Organize disparate cloud and on-premise file stores into a single unified file system.

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Built with Maverick Synergy

Virtual File System

Mount legacy and cloud file systems together in a single virtualized view accessible through the web browser or SFTP / SCP via the inbuilt SSH server.

Web File Browser

Browse the Virtual File System through your browser, upload multiple files, download files or directories, rename, delete, move or copy.

Share Files

Single click link creation for sharing files. Users with the link can visit the web page to download the file or use a direct link in scripts or other automated processes.

Upload Forms

Create a public upload form for your partners, customers or employees to upload files to you.

SFTP Server file browser
SFTP Server accessing public download link
SFTP Server with multiple UI themes