LogonBox Express

A modern authentication platform for protecting Web applications and Windows Desktop logins with 2FA, with or without Active Directory

Coming Soon

LogonBox Express is a cloud-based Credential Management and Authentication service. As we build through our roadmap, it will provide 2FA logins to Windows and Mac Desktop clients, with the choice of authenticating against several user directories, including Active Directory, Microsoft Entra ID, Google Workspace or LogonBox Express built-in accounts.

Initially built to use information in your user databases to provide credentials via email, SMS, phone or LogonBox Authenticator. With a roadmap to support Duo, Yubikey, PassKeys (WebAuthn) and Google/Microsoft Authenticators.

It will be an Identity Provider for SAML, allowing Administrators to integrate with the many applications that already support this SAML 2.0 standard.

The first release will provide the following features:

  • Windows Desktop 2FA (with or without Active Directory)
  • Password Self-Service
  • Password Breach Checking
  • Email and SMS-based OTP
  • Phone Authentication
  • LogonBox Authenticator

If this sounds interesting, get in touch, and you may be able to join us in our pilot program.

Why LogonBox Express?

Through developing and supporting the LogonBox SSPR solution, the need for a simple-to-use, directory-agnostic authentication platform became apparent. LogonBox Express has been built to fulfil a more streamlined use case, logging into Desktop computers using your preferred user directory and applying policy-based 2FA with SAML 2.0 standard for integrating into third-party applications.

If you want to read more about the reasoning behind and development of LogonBox Express, please read our blog article, Introducing LogonBox Express.