Export Compliance


All our products incorporate certain cryptographic components and may be subject to international export restrictions depending on your country. If you’re utilizing our products to develop third-party software intended for export, you might need to acquire a license from your local government authorities.

Export License

Cryptographic items that fall under export control are categorized under Category 5, Part 2 of the European Union (EU) Dual-Use List. These listings are regulated by international agreements, and most countries outside the EU have comparable controls in place.

Under UK legislation, certain items that would typically be controlled are exempt if they fulfil specific conditions. JADAPTIVE Limited, having previously been granted permission to export our products under the Open General Export License – Cryptographic Development (OGEL) and Community General Export Authorization (CGEA), submitted a rating inquiry to BIS (Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills) in April 2010. This inquiry resulted in an exemption under the Cryptography Note. Additional information about the export of cryptographic items from the UK can be found on the Business Link website.

It is critical for our customers to understand that while JADAPTIVE Limited is exempt from UK export controls and can export these products without a license, the same exemption cannot be automatically applied to third-party software that employs our products. Vendors intending to export products that contain our code should consult their local authorities and export organizations for guidance.

What is the ECCN?

If you are exporting our product, regardless of version and release date, they will have a control entry within the strategic export control lists of 5D002a.

What algorithms do you support?

Algorithm/ ModeProtocolStrength (bits)Maverick Legacy ClientMaverick Legacy ServerMaverick Synergy
Symmetric Ciphers
Asymmetric Keys
RSASSH2>= 1024