Zlib compression support varies depending upon the version of Maverick Synergy used.

Version 3.0.x

The Maverick Synergy Java SSH API has a module that enables ZLIB compression support.

The core API has zero third-party dependencies, and as support for ZLIB requires a third-party library, you must include this additional module to support compression.


You do not need to do anything other than include the module or jar file in your classpath. When included, the API will automatically configure zlib and algorithms.

Version 3.1.x

As of release 3.1.0, the ZLIB implementation no longer uses any third-party dependencies and has been moved into the core maverick-base module. Support for ZLIB is now automatic and available to all client and server implementations using these versions of Maverick Synergy.

Compression is always off by default. You can enable it by setting your preferred algorithm preferences.