Java SSH Project Setup

Introduction to the Java SSH Client API

The Maverick Synergy Java SSH Client is a third-generation API with over 18 years of development. In our examples below, we have tried as much as possible to create working examples that can be run and understood by an experienced Java programmer. Some source attributes, such as hostnames and IP addresses, may need to be changed. If you would like a specific example, please get in touch with us using our Contact Form.

Maverick Synergy is available under the LGPL open-source with regular updates and maintenance releases made in line with our open-source release policy. Priority support and instance hotfixes are available under a commercial subscription agreement. Our developers have over 18 years of experience working with and supporting Java SSH solutions.

Project Setup

The quickest way to set up your project to use Maverick Synergy is by using a dependency manager like Maven.

You can also download an archive from our Download page.

<project xmlns=""