What is SSH?

SSH, or Secure Shell, is a robust communication protocol that facilitates secure remote logins to other machines. It provides users access to their shell, empowering them to execute commands and transfer files easily. Beyond these basic functions, SSH also boasts advanced features such as port forwarding. This powerful tool enables users to access network services on the remote host and other servers within the remote host’s network. This multi-layered accessibility encapsulates SSH’s versatility and comprehensive functionality, making it an indispensable tool in secure remote communication.

Why Maverick Synergy?

Maverick Synergy, the third-generation SSH library from JADAPTIVE, operates under a dual licensing model, encompassing both LGPL and commercial licensing. This blend of licensing strategies serves a dual purpose: It fosters innovation within the open-source community while offering our business partners a modern, commercially supported Java SSH API. JADAPTIVE’s commitment to synergy between the open-source community and commercial enterprises is embodied in Maverick Synergy, ensuring our partners always have access to the most current and well-supported Java SSH library on the market.