Jadaptive Labs

Jadaptive, its developers and its founders have a long history of creating and contributing to open-source projects. Here are some of our notable contributions.


A small, no-dependency Java library whose only job is to create an Elevated JVM for running small blocks of Java code as a system administrator. The user will be prompted to accept the elevation.

Two Slices

Simple library for desktop notifications from Java on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Yet another Java library for talking to SSH servers. However, instead of directly supporting SSH, it is a facade for several supported providers, including Maverick, Ganymed, J2SSH and JSch. Think of it like SLF4J for SSH!

Maverick Synergy

The 3rd generation of Jadaptive’s Java SSH Library enables you to quickly build scalable SSH client and SSH server solutions.


Tiny Java library that uses UPnP to map external WAN ports to internal LAN ports for TCP and UDP on a supporting router.


A small Java library that has no dependencies, which helps to read and write INI files.

Tiny Template

A lightweight Java string template engine intended to be used with HTML. It will work with any text content. While small, it has some unique features and is fast and flexible.


A minimal HTTP/HTTPS server intended for embedding into other applications generating dynamic content.


Provides a bridge between the JSR 203 (The Java NIO.2 File System in JDK 7) and Apache’s Commons VFS 2. This allows you to use the standard Java API with all file systems in Commons VFS.