Maverick Synergy Specifications

Maverick Synergy Specifications

Specifications evolve over time to keep pace with current security practices, stronger algorithms, potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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The Maverick Synergy Java SSH API implements the following specifications.

SSH Protocol Version 2.0

RFC4250 SSH Protocol Assigned Numbers
RFC4251 SSH Protocol Architecture
RFC4252  (e) SSH Authentication Protocol
RFC4253  (e) SSH Transport Layer Protocol
RFC4254  (e) SSH Connection Protocol

SSH Protocol Version 2.0 Extended Specifications

RFC4256  (e) Generic Message Exchange Authentication (aka “keyboard-interactive”)
RFC4344 SSH Transport Layer Encryption Modes
RFC4345  (e) Improved Arcfour Modes for the SSH Transport Layer Protocol
RFC4419  (e) Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange
RFC4716 SSH Public Key File Format (import and export via ssh-keygen only).
RFC5656  (e) Elliptic Curve Algorithm Integration in SSH
RFC6668 SHA-2 Data Integrity Algorithms
RFC8160 IUTF8 Terminal Mode
RFC8270  (e) Increase Diffie-Hellman Modulus Size
RFC8332 RSA Keys with SHA-2 256 and 512

SSH Protocol Version 2 Draft Specifications

draft-ietf-secsh-filexfer-02 SSH File Transfer Protocol version 3
draft-ietf-curdle-ssh-kex-sha2-03 Key Exchange (KEX) Method Updates and Recommendations (new in OpenSSH 7.3).

SSH Protocol Version 2 Vendor Extensions

draft-miller-ssh-agent-00 ssh-agent protocol (
PROTOCOL.certkeys,,,, : new public key algorithms supporting certificates.
PROTOCOL.key OpenSSH private key format (openssh-key-v1). key exchange method.
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