Terminal Components

Javascript Terminal Emulation for browser-based CLI applications.

Terminal Components

Terminal Components are highly configurable, protocol-independent implementations of a standard ANSI/VT terminal built for both Java and Web applications. Released under the GPL the components are dual licensed for use in open source and commercial applications.


The JADAPTIVE Terminal Components have been specifically designed for direct integration within third-party applications. They include support for the standard UI frameworks used to build Java Desktop applications, AWT, Swing, JavaFX and SWT. In addition, they now also include a Javascript component for clientless browser-based terminals.

The components are provided with example code to get your prototype system up and running within minutes. The components are protocol-independent and support any type of transport; just plug-in the streams of your process to the terminals streams.

With the needs of OEM developers in mind, we’ve created a component that provides to the developer the most configurable terminal available today. We have ensured that the majority of the terminal’s interface is configurable, meaning you can add/remove functionality with ease to suit your project’s specific requirements.

Supports VT100, VT220, VT320 and ANSI terminal emulation.

SSH, Telnet, rcommand, rlogin, rexec, or build your own transport.

Renderers for AWT, Swing, SWT, JavaFX and Javascript


Our Terminal Components API is released under the General Public License (GPL) for developers to use freely in their open source applications. A commercial license is also available for developers that cannot comply with the requirements of the GPL. The commercial license includes priority updates and unlimited email access to our developers.

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