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Our APIs

JADAPTIVE Limited has a long pedigree in developing Java SSH solutions. Our flagship Java APIs have been used in commerce for over a decade and a half with the Maverick Legacy Java SSH APIs providing the cornerstone of many Blue Chip and ISV secure communication solutions, including several of the leading Managed File Transfer servers available on the market today.

Java Client SSH API

Maverick Legacy Client is a Java library that enables software developers to utilise the Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Copy (SCP) and Secure File Transfer (SFTP) protocols within their own Java applications. This library provides the ability to integrate an SSH client into your own application, allowing outgoing connections to be made to SSH servers so that files can be transferred, commands executed or ports forwarded for other networking applications.

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Java Server SSH API

Maverick Legacy Server is a server-side Java™ component that enables developers to quickly integrate an SSH/SFTP server into their own application. The component is designed specifically for intensive, server-side applications and is built to take advantage of the optimized NIO classes provided by the Java Development Kit.

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The Next Generation Java SSH API

The Maverick Synergy SSH API is our next generation API built upon the non-blocking NIO framework used in our Maverick Legacy Server. It provides a unified API that enables both client and server connections within the same SSH engine. Further information about licensing and its general availability will be announced soon.

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