What impact will OpenSSH disabling SSH-RSA signatures have on Maverick Java SSH API

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With the release of OpenSSH 8.2 last week, the project announced that they would be disabling ssh-rsa signatures in a future version. I thought that it would be paramount to update our API users as to what this means in practice and how it will impact your implementations. Why are SSH-RSA signatures being disabled? OpenSSH […]

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Maverick Legacy Server 1.7.27

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Release Notes JADAPTIVE Limited is pleased to announce the release of Maverick Legacy Server 1.7.27. This is now available for download from your account. Here are some of the notable updates you will find in this release. New Algorithms We have implemented the chacha20poly1305@openssh.com cipher and curve25519-sha2@libssh.org key exchange. Managed Security We have introduced a […]

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