Maverick Legacy Client 1.7.28

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Release Notes

JADAPTIVE Limited is pleased to announce the release of Maverick Legacy Client 1.7.28. Builds are now available for download from your account. Here are some of the notable updates you will find in this release.

Managed Security

We have introduced the SecurityPolicy interface, which is optionally passed to SshConnector when connecting a client. This policy object not only defines the minimum security level but also, as a last resort, allows the option to drop the security level past the minimum if there is a mismatch in algorithms. The interface also provides a method for a callback when there is a connection failure due to incompatible algorithms.

The easiest way to use this is to use DefaultSecurityPolicy. This object logs incompatibility and provides parameters in the constructor to set the additional options. For example, the code below creates a policy with a minimum security level of STRONG, uses managed security and will drop to WEAK as a last resort.

SshConnector con = SshConnector.createInstance(
   new DefaultSecurityPolicy(SecurityLevel.STRONG, true, true));

Downgraded RSA with SHA-1

We have downgraded the RSA with SHA-1 public key and signature types to the WEAK security level.

New SFTP Extensions

Added support in SftpClient for copy-data, make-temp-folder, get-temp-folder, home-directory,, and SFTP extensions.


The full changelog is available from here.