Maverick Legacy Server 1.7.27

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Release Notes

JADAPTIVE Limited is pleased to announce the release of Maverick Legacy Server 1.7.27. This is now available for download from your account. Here are some of the notable updates you will find in this release.

New Algorithms

We have implemented the cipher and key exchange.

Managed Security

We have introduced a new framework for security algorithms, allowing the developer to choose a minimal level of security from WEAK, STRONG, and PARANOID levels.

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SFTP Extensions

This release contains improved SFTP extension support. We have refined the API to configure what SFTP extensions the server supports; by default, it will not support any, so it’s worth reviewing what extensions are available and whether these are suitable for your implementation.

Server-side Directory Filtering

Reading large directories can be a problem with SFTP as there is no mechanism to filter a list when performing a directory listing. We have implemented our own SFTP extension in the client and server APIs to support server-side filtering.

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