Maverick Legacy Server 1.7.32

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Release Notes

JADAPTIVE Limited is pleased to announce the release of Maverick Legacy Client 1.7.32. Builds are now available for download from your account. Here are some of the notable updates you will find in this release.

This release is primarily a bug fix release; however, please pay particular attention to new restrictions placed on key sizes.

Further Key Size Restrictions

In our last release, we restricted the use of RSA keys in authentication to 1024 bits or higher. This release extends on key size restrictions by preventing the generation of key sizes below 1024 bits for both RSA and DSA key types.

SCP Directory

This update includes an optional fix to how SCP treats a recursive directory. The standard behavior of the API has been to send files so that files within the directory are copied to the current directory of the SCP client. This behavior is different to OpenSSH which creates the directory in the current working directory of the client. This caused problems when a customer’s client moved from OpenSSH based scripts to their MFT server based on Maverick Legacy.

We have now included a “fix” for this which can be activated using the setWriteSCPBaseDir SshContext setting. We will modify this to be the default behavior in the next major release.

Have your Say in Future Development

With 1.7.x now solely focused on providing a support branch limited to bug fixes. We are looking forward to the future development of the next major Maverick Legacy version 1.9.x. 

The next major release will integrate with Maverick Synergy sharing its common base and other components to ensure we are not duplicating effort over the long term. 

I want to take this opportunity to ask for your input. Are there any specific changes or features you want to see implemented in the APIs? Do you have a preference for the minimum Java version we use? Is there something missing or could be doing better?

Please email me at with any feedback you may have. I look forward to hearing from you. 


The full changelog is available from here.