Maverick Legacy Server 1.7.44

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This minor update contains a customer support related bug fix, support for the new PuTTY Private Key format and a new public/private key implementation.

PuTTY Private Keys

Introduced in version 0.75, version 3 of the PuTTY Private Key File Format uses an Argon2 key derivation function incompatible with our previous implementation.

This update includes support for version 3 keys; however, it requires the BouncyCastle dependency for Argon2 support. While this is not ideal, the lack of pure Java implementations of Argon2 meant this was the quickest route to implement, with several customers already reporting compatibility issues as the newer key format gained traction. We will review this again at the next major version change in which we plan to reduce enforced dependencies and package more selectively.

ED448 Keys

This release includes a new public/private key implementation for ED448. ED448 is a 57 octet length EcDSA public key implemented with Curve448, similar to previously implemented ED25519. The enablement of this key type is dependent on JCE support. 


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